Bermuda City
Bermuda carries a lot of similarities with the Caribbean islands

Mistaken by some to be a Caribbean island, it is actually almost due east of Clark Week’s home of Atlanta out into the Atlantic. Bermuda carries a lot of similarities with the Caribbean islands. It has mild temperatures, glorious weather, and is small enough to be explored vigorously in less than a day. But why rush? Relax and enjoy yourself in this lovely spot. So, it is crucial to focus on its best features to distinguish it from tropical islands with seemingly similar appeal. Don’t fret because there are many unique places to explore.

Natural Scenery

Coral reefs and scenic beaches are common in the Atlantic and Pacific islands. What sets Bermuda apart from most are its pink-sand beaches. For those who like to take dives, you will not be disappointed. With Clark Weeks’ love of scuba diving, Bermuda is another location that has great appeal. You can swim with deep-sea fish. If you want a more sedate experience, the Aquarium can offer you a view of these same fish. Aside from the more than 200 species of fish, you also get to encounter 300 or more kinds of mammals and reptiles. Blue Hole Park, a Hamilton Parish natural reserve, can provide a slightly more secluded natural experience compared to the hustle and bustle of the Aquarium. Caves, pools, and grottos will provide you with a relaxing experience.

Pink-sand Beach Bermuda
Bermuda is home to some beautiful pink-sand beaches

Historical Significance

For those who are interested in Bermuda’s historical significance, the National Museum will inspire your curiosity. It is in an old fort next to the British Naval Shipyard at one end of the island. The museum houses several collections, dating back to the 17th century settlement period. There are also pieces from the 19th century that provide you with a clear idea about the island’s cultural heritage and history. Meanwhile, Fort St. Catherine is on a promontory at the other end of the island. It offers adventure with history. Take note, though, that though the fort goes back to the early 1600s, it has been renovated many times. Despite this, you will still feel a lot of the historic atmosphere that you may crave.

Religious/Spiritual Experiences

For those who want to have a more religious or spiritual experience, you may wish to visit St. Peter’s Church. It is the oldest church on the island. It also has an unfinished look that gives it a rustic ambiance. This look is completed with the use of candlelit chandeliers. Its segregated graveyards for blacks and whites are a grim reminder of what had transpired on the island a century or more before.

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Bermuda Crystal Caves
The Bermuda Crystal Caves are truly awe-inspiring

There are many other attractions offered by Bermuda: lighthouses, crystal caves, and other historical or natural sights. What should not be forgotten is that Bermuda has a city for those who prefer to stay within the comforts of modern civilization. Being in the town also enables tourists to get some shopping done. The usual suspects would be souvenir shirts and novelties, as well as duty-free perfumes and jewelry and rum. Definitely try their famous rum drink, the Dark and Stormy.

Getting Around

If you want to get around Bermuda, you need to do so by bus or ferry. Those who wish to have more space to themselves will have to take a taxi. The cabs are trustworthy. However, you cannot rent a car for yourself to get around. Car rentals are not allowed but you can rent mopeds. These are a blast and you can zip around the island without having to worry about taxis. Still, the comfiest that you can get is to hire a taxi for the day, if the driver or owner agrees. On the other hand, walking and trekking should not be a problem on the small island.

Blow bubbles at our Clark Weeks if you happen to see him while scuba diving. By the way, the snorkeling is great too. There are reefs near the beaches where you can do some great snorkeling if you don’t have your scuba diving certification.