Located in the southeastern area of the United States, Georgia is the 8th most populous state and touches a number of states. Georgia is surrounded by Tennessee to the north and North Carolina and South Carolina to the northeast. Then the Atlantic Ocean to the East with some great beaches and Florida to the south. Finally, Alabama is to the West. Starting from those mesmerizing Blue Ridge mountains to Atlanta’s urban skyline and Savannah’s excellence in its architecture, Georgia gives us major vacation spots that are to be highlighted in your travel book. Let us talk about some of the eye-catching scenery and breathtakingly beautiful places that are located in the state of Georgia.


Established in the year 1733, Savannah is a national historic landmark that is famous for its glorious Gothic, Georgian and Greek revival buildings. Places in Savannah like Forsyth Park, Savannah waterfront, The University of Georgia aquarium, Roots Up gallery, City Market of Savannah and many other exotic restaurants, historic homes, and museums of the historic city are never to be missed.

Savannah Riverfront
Savannah Riverfront

Atlanta – A Clark Weeks Favorite Since He Lives There

Next on the list is Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia which is a vibrant city of modern buildings and a home of southern architecture and lifestyle. Places like Georgia aquarium which is the largest aquarium with almost 70 habitats residing in it is one of the must-visits. Places like the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site, Center for Puppetry Arts, Piedmont Park, Micheal C Carlos museum of Arts are some of the important places to be covered. For the love of Coca Cola, visiting a museum in Pemberton place, Atlanta is so much fun, informative and helps you know more about the brand and its growth in the form of a 4-D theatre show.

Georgia Coast and Beaches

The most beautiful and serene beaches of Georgia should be added to your bucket list. Places like Tybee Island which is famous for its sandy beaches, Cumberland Island National Seashore, which has a small museum that explains the history of the island shore. Cabretta Beach is another beautiful location that is famous for kayaking. Driftwood beach is a beautiful and renowned place for wedding photography. No, this is not the end, there are still so many beaches like the East Beach, Glory Beach, Gould’s inlet and many more that reflect the marine life that Georgia treasures. Another city that has great importance for history and art is Brunswick that has many white-sand beaches, water parks, and biking trails.

Blue Ridge Mountains

The list goes on if we talk about the spectacular places to stay and get engrossed in the beauty of nature in Georgia. Sky Valley is one of the most serene and elevated gateways of Georgia that provides a beautiful view of the surrounding forests. Clayton, a serene and simple city of Georgia with a beautiful view of mountains. For the view of clear flowing rivers and hiking trails, Blairsville is a must-visit.

Georgia Gorgeous Valleys
Caucasus valley in Georgia

Georgia is a state that fulfills versatile quests of different types of tourists visiting the state. It has all kinds of entertainment, fun, and tranquility. From beaches that treasure the marine life of the Atlantic ocean to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, and from rural farms to energetic urban centers like Atlanta, Georgia has something for everyone. If you visit, you will see why Clark Weeks loves it.